It is illegal to use IVF (In Vitro Fertilization: thu tinh trong ong nghiem)  for gender selection in Vietnam so many couple chose a hospital in Thailand. They paid $20,000, spent the whole of  month in hospital. The year of dragon 2012 is a very lucky year, it only comes around every 60 years.


Many believe that men born under the golden dragon will be wealthier, have better jobs and be more successful. “It strongly influences people’s lives”.


For people who work for the state and under Vietnam’s strict two-child policy they could risk losing their job.


The desire for sons is so strong in Vietnam that the gender birth ratio now stands at 111 boys to 100 girls, according to the ministry of health, well above the internationally accepted norm of around 104. If the problem persists, the ministry has warned that up to 3 million Vietnamese men might be unable to marry by 2030.


The Vietnamese government is taking the problem seriously. Doctors are forbidden from revealing the sex of a fetus and websites or brochures advertising sex selection services are banned.


Traditionally, a son is expected to look after his parents in their old age and for this reason it is the norm for a man to inherit the lion’s share. In nearly every Vietnamese house there is a shrine dedicated to the family line, but it is the job of sons, not daughters, to worship there. When a woman marries it is assumed she will worship her husband’s family because according to custom the spirits of her own ancestors cannot enter the house at the same time as those of her husband.

Do Thi Thu Hang

07 September 2012


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