Vietnam history – Late Le dynasty (cont)


After 20 years under Ming domination, Le Loi finally drove Ming army out of Vietnam. It’s saw a massive changes to Vietnam society from previous Buddhist state became Confucian after 20 year Chinese rule. Le Loi’s liberation of the country bringing the golden age of independence and well remember to all Vietnamese people. Therefore, I would like to choose this period for this time to tell you how the upraising broke out and about the endless spirit of Vietnamese anti Northern invaders.

In a short time I can give you the basic information about what outstanding event happened, why farmers rebelled against the monarchy and the most important of this period was appearance of Vietnamese Script.

This period started from the early 15th century to the 17th century. After Vietnam fell into the yoke of the feudal north, there were a lot of revolts against the invaders. Among them was the famous Lam Son Uprising (1418-1427) led by Le Loi. From then on, Vietnam had passed an ups and downs period through Le- Mac- Trinh dynasties until Vietnamese language was born.


The Lam Son Uprising was the remarkable victory to regain national sovereignty led to the reign of Le Loi as well as the Le dynasty.

Le Loi was a wealthy philanthropist, and he refused to serve as an official for the Ming Chinese dynasty. By 1418, local rebellions had erupted in several regions and Le Loi travelled the countryside to rally the people against the Chinese.

Following Le Loi’s victory over the Chinese, poet Nguyen Trai, Le Loi’s companion in arms, wrote his infamous Great Proclamation (Binh Ngo Dai Cao). Still guaranteed to fan the flames of Vietnamese nationalism almost six centuries later, it articulated the country’s fierce spirit of independence.

In 1428, Le Loi triumphs over the Chinese occupiers, declaring himself Emperor Le Thai To. Under Le, of the emergency wild, be set up to promote village, many economic policies – social issue, education, literature and art are improved. Great Vietnamese civilization entered a new phase of development.

Lê Thánh Tông (ruled 1460-1497) the fourth Emperor was the most prominent of all the Lê rulers and one of the greatest Emperors in Vietnamese history. His rule was one of the high points in the history of Vietnam and was referred to as the time of a “Flood of Virtue” (Hồng Đức) and the Vietnamese. He instituted a wide range of government reforms, legal reforms, and land reforms. He restarted the examination system for selecting men for important government positions. He reduced the power of the noble families and reduced the degree of corruption in the government. He built temples to Confucius throughout the provinces of Vietnam

He led a large and effective army against the Champa which succeeded in conquering the Cham capital and ended the power of the Champa forever. He created a new province out of former Champa land and allowed settlers to go to the new land.

Vietnamese scrip was remarkable project of Le dynasty although it was referred for noble class only. However, Vietnamese elite class successfully in demonstration of independent writing scrip although it was complicated and largely based on Chinese scrip.

Nguyễn Trai (抑 斋) was the great noble of Le Dynasty, He is a great national hero, a prominent politician, military strategist, extraordinary diplomat , who was also a great writer, great poet, historian, geographer, law makers and musical expert. “Binh Ngo Dai Cao” was one of prominent work of Nguyen Trai. It’s was impressive to many Vietnamese generations and had huge influence on Vietnamese struggles later. His death is still in mystery of Ledynasty.


The history of Le dynasty is not the longest but had some most remarkable events to remember. The first time, Vietnamese ourselves organized from smallest units to official revolution army. Vietnamese warfare strategy was earliest  applied in Asia, a very small country against a powerful nation as China, performed well the art of guerrilla warfare, and successfully combined between the strong will, great patient and talent of all class in society of Vietnam

Phuong Quang, Tram Anh, Thuy Hong (Junior guide class)



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